Blewitt only drinks Aussie

All change at ACCA. Chief executive Allan Blewitt is a man who likes to do things his way and some of those who fell victim to his predecessor’s wrath won’t have a problem with that. Now, a little more than a year in post, the full extent of his changes have become apparent. So what can we reveal? Is ACCA secretly negotiating a three-way merger of its own with the Magic Circle and the Brownies? Well, possibly though TS is having a little trouble standing up that particular story. No, what we can exclusively tell you, dear readers, is that Australian Blewitt has changed ACCA’s wine-buying policy. No more French sauvignon blanc or Chilean merlot for visitors to Lincoln Inn’s Fields – its Australian only from here on in. TS’ wine correspondent reports from beneath the table that his favourite Aussie tipple is a 2003 Grenache from, of all winemakers, Blewitt Springs. We’re assured the name is entirely coincidental. Blewitt, who fans of TS will recall penned the Jason Donovan drama Loot, is not pursuing a third career as a vintner.

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