Alone to face Equitable

When TS isn’t off gallivanting in the far corners of the earth looking for the accountancy stories that concern the dear bean counters of Britain, it likes to view a bit of life art in London’s most pretentious galleries.

There’s nothing like gazing at some poor lost artist who, for the sake of his profession, has decided to spend exactly 365 days locked up in a room on his own with only a pair of slippers and a cupboard full of cheese to get him through the day – all in the name of art.However, TS has learnt that a certain senior executive in the Ernst & Young media relations team has been involved in a similar, David Blaine-style stunt – but this time with a slightly more serious edge to it.

Left all alone in a room to face a barrage of press calls on the current Equitable trial, the poor soul manned the ‘Equitable hotline’ during a furiously busy week and will, no doubt be doing the same until the case’s conclusion in around seven months’ time.

Sure, that’s not very fair, but there’s one thing missing – a small perspex porthole in the hotline room’s wall so that every passing E&Y employee can stare at the case in progress.

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