Mazars goes to the movies

TS loves multi-million dollar blockbuster movies and can’t wait for the next installment of Star Wars but some have more refined tastes in celluloid. Take Baldish Mandair for instance who has just been made assistant manager at Mazars in Southampton.

So far, so ordinary but in announcing her appointment, Mazars chose to pick on her passion for the big screen and, instead of her number crunching knowledge the release bizarrely revealed Mandair’s tastes in films.

TS was ‘delighted’ to discover that the young accountant is a keen fan of arthouse films and a member of Southampton’s Harbour Lights cinema. ‘I enjoy watching foreign films and was so impressed by some Latin American movies, I even tried learning Spanish,’ Mandair said with the excited tones of someone who had just watched back to back Latin American movies.

However, the release took a turn for the worse when Mazars partner Phillip Callow decided to turn into Countdown’s Richard Whiteley and reveal his ‘talent’ for film-based puns.

‘Her ability and experience will thrust her into the limelight with our clients and I’m sure it will be curtain up on the first reel of a successful career.’

TS feels a headache coming on!

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