IFRS is very much like a bikini says ‘Swiss Tony’ McCreevy

Logo TS openly admits that it has a weakness when it comes to skimpy clothing – bikinis are a particular favourite. How satisfying to note, then, that those in the highest corridors of power – especially TS’s old chum Charlie McCreevy – appear to share the same refined tastes in haut couture.

McCreevy revealed his liking for a tasty two-piece at a CIMA qualification conferring session in Dublin, where he compared financial statements to sexy swimwear.

In a twist on Fast Show used car salesman character Swiss Tony, the EC internal market commissioner said that published accounts were very much like ‘bikinis: much more interesting for what they conceal than for what they reveal’.

TS couldn’t agree more – more thorough disclosure – whether on the pool deck or the trading floor – must be a good thing.

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