Yellowbellies at E&Y

Delamitri Rock stars and accountants aren’t generally two groups of people you would lump together. So it came as a surprise to discover that Morten Hussman, senior PR bod at Ernst & Young, used to be a bit of a rock god in his native Denmark.

Harket, sorry, Hussman, played lead guitar in a band called Yellowbellies, eventually jacking it in during 2001 to go into PR for E&Y’s Danish operation. The music, he told TS, was ‘a bit like (Scottish soft-rock crooners) Del Amitri’. The highlight of Morten’s career came when he and the band supported Bill Clinton (who was speaking, not playing his sax, we might add) in 1997, in front of 20,000 fans.

Now he’s forced to deal with irritating calls from TS. How the mighty have fallen.

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