Just to the right a bit, mate

Neal Milsom may carry the burden of Orange UK’s finances on his shoulders, but he got off pretty lightly when our photographer turned up at his office to take some pictures for today’s profile piece in Accountancy Age .

OK, so it took him a while to warm up to the idea of being snapped while perched on a footstool in front of an oversized Orange advert in a scene reminiscent of an episode of Teletubbies. But at least he didn’t befall the same fate as the last executive to have his photo taken for a magazine, according to Orange’s PR.

Having spotted some particularly fetching pebble-effect tiles on the coffee shop floor, the photographer made said exec lie down before straddling the unsuspecting individual to get the all important shot. TS is unsure whether these photos ended up in a magazine or as some form of blackmail material.

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