All we want is rubbish and UFOs


In between its marathon ale-drinking sessions, TS sometimes enjoys grilling businesses and the profession with some pretty tough questions (other call it a job). If we can’t get the answers we need, well, then we simply head back to the pub.

Not really dear readers, we’re persistent hacks who would do anything to get to the bottom of latest accounting intrigue…even if it does involve IAS39.

Believe us, we would hunt high and low for the real answers behind why, for instance, the institute merger has stalled for the 800th time since accountants first walked the earth.

Trust us we want the big stories, we’ll even use the Freedom of Information Act to seek out the truth.

But according to a senior chap at Capgemini – a consultancy carrying out some FOI work for the Home Office – the most sought after FOI requests are a tad unusual.

At number one is waste collection, while the second most common FOI filing is apparently for UFO’s. This means the British public and its media are making more requests over the contents of their rubbish and whether flying saucers are being covered up than anything else!

Perhaps the two are connected. TS knows the truth is out there.

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