Druckman is a womble

Wombles Images of venerable ICAEW president Paul Druckman with a balti pie and cup of Bovril in hand aren’t normally the first thing to spring to TS’s mind. But this scenario is actually quite a likely one.

Having spent a pleasant afternoon in Paul’s company at the outrageously-decorated St Martins Lane Hotel, conversation inevitably led to football and he wasn’t shy to admit his love for Wimbledon Football Club. Not the soulless franchise that is now the MK Dons, but AFC Wimbledon, the club that arose from the ashes of the former Selhurst Park tenants and are current champions of the Ryman Division 1, just the seven leagues below the Premiership.

Sticking with his hometown club, of which he owns one precious share, proves to be a riot of inconsistent brilliance smattered with plenty of honest effort, according to Druckman. A bit like the number crunching then, TS reckons.

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