Sophisticated French fraudster

ReneUs Brits have always had to put up with a certain amount of snobbery from across the English Channel. To the French, ‘le roast beef’ are a bunch of uncultured yobs, nowhere near as sophisticated as our continental cousins.

And frankly, sometimes TS finds it hard to argue with the evidence. Even French fraudsters seem to have more style about them. While in the UK we get accountants defrauding their employers to go gambling, one French accountant at Banque BNP-Paribas has been charged by police with taking £10m unlawfully from the company, to spend on antique furniture for her flat. The height of sophistication we’re sure you’ll agree.

Fear not, dear readers, TS will continue its crusade against boorish behaviour until British accountants are considered just as cultural as their French counterparts. But not right now as we have to nip out to put a tenner on the 3.30 at Newmarket.

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