Taxman con exposed

Being a well connected blog with insider information, it may come as no surprise to you to read that we’ve been inundated with requests to help influential figures move millions of pounds of money from accounts in foreign lands, usually Nigeria, with the handy bonus of pocketing around 10% of the cash ourselves.

With several of these deals about to come to fruition, and flights booked to the Bahamas, TS was shocked to read that we might be falling for a scam. Apparently these requests are sent out quite regularly to most everyone in order to dupe money out of them.

In fact, several variations on this theme exist. The latest involves people using Inland Revenue headed notepaper to target overseas nationals. Some might say that the taxman is a con artist anyway, but TS digresses. You can read the full story here.

TS has to dash, we’ve got plane tickets to cancel, but this embarrassing disappointment will not deter us. We’ve already heard about a company that can make gold from base metals that needs investment. Would you believe it!

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