E&Y judge in Beckham scandal shocker

Posh_becks Mr Justice Langley is a busy man. The judge has spent the last two and a bit weeks overseeing the Equitable Life trial at the High Court. For those who’ve missed it, the life assurer is suing its former auditors Ernst & Young and directors for £3.75bn for alleged negligence. But he had a spot of light relief at the weekend.

Readers of the News of the World  will have noted that the paper’s legal battle at the High Court against the tabloid soap that is the Beckham family was overseen by none other than a Mr Justice Langley too.

Not content with judging a landmark auditor case (set to go on until Christmas), the High Court judge exercised more of the grey matter in delivering a significant judgment on media law, allowing the NOTW to publish the views of Posh and Becks’ nanny on the couple’s alleged rows.

A weekend following footballers and failed pop stars, and back to accountants on Monday – sounds a bit like TS’s last few days, actually.

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