Tax proposals to hit accountants hard

Loony_logo With the general election only seven days away the government knows that its success could hinge on those millions of undecided voters.

TS, though, has long been a one-party back page, and if you looked at the manifesto of the Monster Raving Loony party, you’d understand why.

Its latest plans for the economy are inspired ­ tax credits paid to nice people, and a ‘total bastard’ tax for everyone else. TS would, of course, get tax credits galore for its positive portrayal of the finest British profession, but despite there being no set criteria for ‘bastard tax’, TS can think of several accountants who would be in line for a hefty bill.

Never mind those involved in well-reported accounting scandals, we at TS have a better idea. How about getting all those responsible for the absolute mess that is IAS39 and taxing them to the hilt? We thought you might agree.

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