Curiouser and curiouser

TS will have whatever Jonathan Gaisman QC is having.

Gaisman has been the surprise turn in the Ernst & Young vs Equitable Life saga at the High Court, with his witty asides and obscure references. TS’s favourite so far was the following.

Gaisman was commenting on what E&Y regards as just one of the ridiculous elements of Equitable’s claim: ‘My Lord, I will not invoke either Lewis Carroll or Aristophanes …those sort of points stale with repetition, but your Lordship knows that is what I am thinking,’ he said.

So, what on earth was he trying to tell the judge? ‘Off with his head’, referring to his opponent, Iain Milligan? ‘Eat me’, perhaps? Most likely he was inferring that Equitable are in wonderland, or Cloud Cuckoo Land (from Aristophanes’ The Birds).

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