Ground control to PKF

Ts_pkf_nsc TS can’t get enough of outer space, which is just as well given that it’s limitless. Some might say it doesn’t have much of an atmosphere (arf), but we’ve been hooked ever since Blake’s 7 was on the telly. But our love of space is nothing compared with that of some staff at PKF.

The firm has been chosen as auditor of Leicester’s National Space Centre (NSC), and PKF partner Steve King will ‘boldly go where no accountant has gone before’, by the looks of this pic (click on it for a larger image). Just to confirm, Steve is on the left, proud as punch whereas the more soberly attired chap is Chas Bishop, chief executive of the NSC. Anyone get the feeling that Steve is fulfilling a childhood ambition here?

TS is insanely jealous.

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