Booze and fags link hurts Wetherspoons

Cigaretteandbeer There’s nothing finer, in the mind of TS, to help you wind down after a hard day’s work (well a day’s work anyway) than a pint of ale and a packet of shag.

Smoking and drinking go together like strawberries and cream, although TS wouldn’t suggest adding that the mix as well. Even better, we’re helping ease the tax burden of the nation, given that a large proportion of the money we shell out goes to the government.

But, like millions of others, TS reckons removing one of these from the equation just isn’t right, as Wetherspoons is finding to its cost.

The pub chain is shifting its watering holes to non-smoking environments. Already 17 have been converted, but sales are down as a result. It still reckons this is the way forward, which is probably true given the government could well ban smoking in all places that serve food in the near future.

TS thinks they should ban eating in pubs instead. If anyone has seen TS wolfing down a curry they would understand that it’s a far more offensive and dangerous act than even smoking.

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