Tales of the technophobes

Accountants and technology mix as well as cats and dogs, or beer and vodka. And the replies to a recent competition asking for the biggest IT howlers that accountants have suffered or witnessed brought to light some shocking incidents.

For example, Adrian Marshall once saw a financial controller at an old company try to use a mouse by holding it upside down in one hand and using the other to move the ball around.

Helen Caldwell knew an IT expert (with a lack of accounting knowledge) who processed a bunch of expense forms, unfortunately debiting staff bank accounts rather than crediting them. And Dru Shah witnessed an audit manager who compiled a list of soon-to-be redundant staff for the MD, only to send the email to all those on the list.

As for the best IT howler, Mike Tittensor’s winning entry can be read on page 12 of this week’s Accountancy Age magazine.

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