Election night is Sutch a bore

Ts_sutch Well, tonight’s the big night. Finally, after years of waiting, CSKA Moscow meet Parma in the UEFA cup semi-final. TS can’t wait.

Oh, and there’s also the election to look forward to. We’ll be there, in front of the TV, adorned with Loony hat and flag, hoping for a landslide.

But there’s a chance another party could win, and despite the bluster on immigration, crime and health, it could be the issue of tax that settles it.

Labour hasn’t ruled out tax rises, which CBI boss Digby Jones said would lead to ‘fierce’ resistance from the business community last week. The Tories want to cut them and the Lib-Dems, well, TS hasn’t really noticed.

But the biggest challenge we face is staying awake through Dimbleby’s blathering to see who wins. Come on the Loonies!

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