Pensions crisis, what pensions crisis?

Vegas When it comes to talk of pensions, TS usually dozes off. This isn’t necessarily because it’s an incredibly boring subject, although that might have something to do with it, but mainly because our retirement plan involves taking a £1000 loan out of the bank and going to Vegas.

Chances are we might see a few of you out there as well, if the findings of a recent survey are to be believed. Accountants, along with lawyers and architects, are clueless when it comes to pensions. The poll of 300 professionals found that 65% are either completely deluded about the likely size of their pension when it comes to retirement age or haven’t got a clue what it is.

I mean it’s not like accountants work with numbers for a living is it? Perhaps the head-in-the-sand approach is simply a defence mechanism against the potential horrors that await post-employment.

TS knows everything is going to be alright, number 12 on the roulette wheel hasn’t let us down yet.

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