The rise of a sick tax scheme

Toilet As the new government starts to get its act together, thoughts will most likely turn to how its promised spending plans will be funded. A good deal of TS’s income already goes to the taxman in the form of vice taxes, so we’re hoping that the government doesn’t come up with any more whacky ways to grab our hard earned

So let’s just pray that the government doesn’t get any of its ideas from Brazil, where one man is suing a bar for charging him a ‘puke tax’. Apparently the Taverna Pub Medieval Bar in Natal added a £4 surcharge to the poor soul’s bill after his friend had been speaking to God on the porcelain telephone.

Obviously, given our iron constitution, we have no personal concerns on this front. But some of our chums on Accountancy Age do have trouble keeping up. We wouldn’t particularly want to run up a ‘chunder tab’ behind the bar of the local.

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