From fat cat to failed romance


TS has a shocking admission to make, we loved Bridget Jones’s Diary, although we will admit that the second movie was particularly awful.

Being a salacious gossip, we couldn’t resist its combination of failed romances and comedy of errors. Reminds us a bit of our own life, actually.

But it might be that we won’t have to look much further that the covers of an annual report to get our fix of messy romance in the future, if proposals in Spain catch on.

From July, directors of Spanish companies will have to disclose related party transactions with anyone that they have an ‘affectionate relationship’ with.

So, now we all get to see whether the chief executive has been doing ‘business’ with their mistress or toyboy.

Please, please, please, let this find its way over here. TS would feel like we’ve died and gone to heaven.

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