Charm offensive from Equitable members

Paul Braithwaite, the general secretary of the Equitable Members Action Group (EMAG), has been charming participants in the Equitable Life trial.

Braithwaite, TS has discovered, posted some less than obliging remarks about hacks on The Motley Fool’s website. ‘The delightful young Megan Murphy of Bloomberg is the most consistent journalist present,’ he launches forth. Apart from one FT journalist ‘the others are no more qualified than laymen’, he added.

Braithwaite also said he had seen the ‘contemptible’ Gabriel Moss QC at court. Why ‘contemptible’? Moss was responsible for pointing out that Braithwaite had voted against a motion for a compromise scheme when publicly supporting it, the QC tells TS. ‘I’ve not been to court at all,’ said Moss.

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