Matalan FD keeps reign on household clothing budget

Given that TS’s wage is roughly equivalent to that of a police dog’s, shopping for a good bargain has always been something of a necessity. In fact, we can often be found down the local retail park of a weekend, shouting ‘two t-shirts for a tenner’ or ‘two multi-seam crop cargo pants for 15 quid’ at our beleaguered partner.

But we are not alone in our love of cheap fashion. Take Phil Dutton, finance director of discount fashion value retailer Matalan, who was more than happy to show off his £65 two-piece for this week’s profile (see pages 22-23). Of course, his clothing looks as good as any other grey office combo, but some unscrupulous souls (like TS) might say he’s all over the fashion store’s figures like a cheap suit.

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