Taxman torn off a strip

StrippersOver the last few years, TS has observed, from afar, the rise of strip clubs being used as a form of corporate hospitality.

Frankly, TS has never ventured into one, much preferring the fuggy atmosphere of our friendly local to pry information out of our contacts.

But we may have to change our minds. For striptease isn’t simply tactless titillation, but art on a par with the opera or ballet.

Well it is in Norway, where a court ruled recently that the Blue Angel club in Oslo would not have to shell out around $85K (£45K) in unpaid VAT to the tax authorities. Instead, striptease shows should be exempt from VAT on ticket sales, normally 25%, as for other artistic shows.

Being a cultured back page, TS might have to take a trip to Spearmint Rhino. After all, we don’t want to risk being viewed as unrefined.

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