Fabulous no more

PatsyBecause of her excessive drinking and unashamed hedonism as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous, Joanna Lumley has always held a special place in TS’s heart ­ until last week that is.

At a glamourous media awards ceremony attended by TS, (we’re still waiting for the category of best back page gossip to be included), Ms Lumley referred to the material covered by magazines of the financial persuasion as ‘dry’.

TS ­ a staunch defender of the noble profession of accounting ­ was naturally distraught. Accruals, amortisation and hedge derivatives are very exciting, thank you very much!

Rest assured that TS immediately sought out Joanna after the ceremony to let her know how we felt. Unfortunately, yet again she refused to give us her telephone number. Perhaps we should finally give up on this Fabulous star.

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