DTI repents in haste

A1_1 TS has, in its time, made a few decisions in haste, that we’ve soon regretted. We’re still living down the decision to get that tattoo of defunct boy band A1.

But even then, we were still quite happy for a couple of weeks, until the announced their split. Others see their mistakes far quicker.

Take the DTI/DPEI for instance. Those of us in the know realised pretty quickly that the moniker of Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry was as useful as banana-scented deodorant in a cage full of angry gorillas.

Even our contacts at the department were struggling to get the words out of their normally eloquent mouths.

So perhaps its no surprise that one of Alan Johnson’s first acts as secretary of state for the department was to change the name back to the DTI, something TS applauds him for.

We suspect the reasoning behind it wasn’t, as he claims, to ensure the focus on business. We guess he simply he didn’t want to be landed with such a ridiculous and long-winded title.

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