Taxman’s grim undertaking

There used to be a way to avoid the prying eyes of the taxman, but unfortunately death does have a few disadvantages. No more long lunches on expenses for starters.

But now, not even a date with the Grim Reaper will get you off the hook from tax investigations. Revenue and Customs has kicked off an initiative to ensure that the inheritance tax returns of those who have passed on match the earnings declared in their lifetime.

Anyone who the Revenue thinks has fiddled their taxes while alive will have the money taken from their estate. TS is curious, though. Where exactly does the Rev hold any hearings? And how do those no longer with us clear their name if they’ve been wronged?

TS couldn’t think of an easier target for the taxman to pick on, although we suspect the Rev could be undertaking a new campaign against tax-evading toddlers.

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