Free the KPMG slaves


TS has always seen itself as the Angelina Jolie of the accountancy profession.

Why you ask? Is it because of our perfect figure and amazing teeth? Well, kind of (except for the odd filling or two) but also because our role as an ambassador for the profession is much like that of the movie star’s for the United Nations.

TS believes there’s a lot wrong with the world. TS would like to see an end to poverty, famine, disease, war and anything beginning with the letters I, F, R and S. Oh yes, and there’s also the slave trade to tackle.

Which is why we were shocked to read the other day that Keith Dugdale, director of recruitment and resourcing at KPMG, is proud to be ‘selling its people’.

‘The only thing we sell is our people,’ Dugdale told The Times, making TS shiver somewhat. KPMG staffers falling behind with their targets have been warned.

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