Wanted: failing accounting firms

The_officeTS is all too familiar with having our fundamental flaws caught on tape and broadcast to all and sundry, and if we ever find out who it was that was responsible for videoing us in the shower, they’re for the high jump.

But others aren’t so concerned with exposing their weaknesses to the greatest scrutiny, and if you are one of these, this could be your chance to shine on TV.

TS has been contacted by Auntie Beeb, which is looking for accounting firms to partake in the next series of I’ll Show You Who’s Boss, especially those that think they may have people or communication problems.

The firm should benefit from having a top class consultant pointing them in the right direction, while the BBC gains footage of a real life version of ‘The Office’. At least TS thinks that’s how it works, we could be wrong.

Anyway, you can contact the show at or on 0208 752 7345 if you’re interested.

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