Equitable on wrong side of Fool poll

TS would never dream of suggesting the direction that the Equitable/Ernst & Young case at the High Court might be heading in. We simply enjoy the knockabout of the argument.

The finer details of the case, on which it will no doubt be decided, tend to send us heading straight to the (very pleasant) pubs of the Fleet Street area.

Not so the contributors to The Motley Fool, a discussion site where it seems anything goes and legal anxieties do not exist.

One contributor has set up a poll on the site asking ‘Do you think [Equitable] will win its case against E&Y?’

The result, for Equitable, is not good. When we last looked 46 of what TS suspects is mostly policyholders, had voted no, while only seven said yes. If this is the case it doesn’t say much for Equitable chief Vanni Treves’ claim last week that policyholders ‘overwhelmingly’ support the action.

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