Equitable members’ backlash begins

He who lives by the blog, dies by the blog.

Following TS’s revelation that Paul Braithwaite, the general secretary of the Equitable Members’ Action Group (and noted contributor to the TS blog), had made disobliging remarks about journalists covering the Equitable Life trial, one of them seems to have turned on him.

Quoted on The Motley Fool saying that Equitable Members’ had voted for motions at the AGM like ‘dim-witted sheep,’ The Daily Telegraph saw fit to publish remarks slating Braithwaite from no less than Equitable chairman Vanni Treves.

‘EMAG and its general secretary claim to represent the interests of all policyholders yet they have a funny way of showing it. Braithwaite’s comments are distasteful, derogatory and derisory. Annuitants have suffered enough in recent years, and mockery of them is contemptible,’ Treves was quoted as saying.

The piece was by one James Moore who has, needless to say, been covering the trial.

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