Dressed to impress

As a child, TS liked nothing more than to secretly rummage through our mummy’s wardrobe and try her gladrags on in front of a full-length mirror. Those white stilettos always did look good with a pink feather boa and a ball gown!

TS’s fashion habits may have changed, but we still love nothing more than an official ceremony that involves dressing up.

So we were pleased to see that the beautifully named ‘worshipful company of tax advisers’ ­ a body that looks after tax charities and the tax advisers benevolent fund ­ was getting into the spirit of things.

A colourful ceremony, described by the company itself as being ‘lost in the mists of time’ saw the Court of Aldermen ‘resplendent in their scarlet robes’ and the City Marshall in a ‘plumed hat’.

TS only wishes that tax advisers would dress like that all the time.

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