In a galaxy not so far away . . .

Jedi_jacksonAlways one susceptible to hype, especially when it appeals to our inner child, TS has surrounded its desk with lightsabers, pictures of Wookies, and all sorts of Star Wars ephemera for the last few weeks.

We suspect that accountants up and down the country have done similar, but one of our readers was particularly surprised by an email they received last week from the ICAEW.

A small message was contained below the ICAEW email footer: ‘Sent via Jedi Hyper Space Enterprises Inc’. One can only hope that the venerable institute never turns to the dark side of the force, although some have suggested that moves to merge the institutes are akin to creating a dictatorial galactic empire. Comparing Paul Druckman and Eric Anstee to Darth Vader and the Emperor, however, is just plain unfair.

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