Institute double books itself

Being such a high-flying socialite, TS is accustomed to having a full diary, where numerous soirées and dinners clash. Still, it was with some surprise that TS realised the ICAEW’s corporate finance faculty was hosting its annual dinner at Mansion House on the same evening that the institute itself was holding its yearly bash at Moorgate Place.

TS understands that the double booking had something to do with Prince Charles attending the institute’s event. Naturally, TS was on both guest lists, and did a kind of Phil-Collins-at-Live-Aid by appearing at both.

Sadly, few were able to follow our lead as we discovered only 11 people had been invited to both functions. This did, however, prevent a complete rescheduling of one of the events. TS doesn’t know who the illustrious 11 were, although it did note there were a few empty seats sat Mansion House. Ah, the lure of royalty.

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