Tweedie’s pot problem

CannabisTS was delighted to see this morning that Sir David Tweedie, illustrious head of the IASB is still on form. Having quite a reputation for his laugh-out-loud speeches, as witnessed at last year’s Accountancy Age Awards, his latest anecdote found its way into the Financial Times today.

Here, to ensure the mirth is undiluted, we produce it for you unaltered, but we have to admit we never thought of Sir David as a stoner.

‘Tweedie said he had to call one in when he moved into a new house near Edinburgh. In the garden was a large plant that looked a bit like parsley.

But his neighbours, based on prejudice about the previous owners, said it was cannabis. A horticulturist summoned by Tweedie couldn’t name the plant either, but advised: "Pick it, dry it, smoke it . . . and if you’re still worried about it, it’s parsley."’

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