GT to conquer the world?


TS is confused. Grant Thornton has launched a Big new campaign against the Big Four. They’re hoping it will be a Big success, bringing Big rewards (everything comes in fours here, you understand).

What confuses TS is some of the ideas involved. The Moon (the Big Four) is to be contrasted with Neil Armstrong (GT), implying that they are to achieve what seemed impossible. Everest (Deloitte etc) is contrasted with Edmund Hilary (GT again), and Goliath (you can guess by now) with David.

So far, so good. But what about their next example, The World and Columbus? Columbus, TS pointed out to a Grant Thornton press officer, discovered America, not the World. Is the challenger frightened of using the term America as either representing the Big Four, or as something it intends to conquer?

‘Columbus challenged the convention that there was not a world beyond the Gibraltar straits,’ the spokesman at Grant Thornton says.

As a paid up member of the Flat Earth Society, TS is unconvinced.

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