A brief history of accounting

TS likes it when time flies. You know, just after afternoon tea at the desk with just a bit of Solitaire to keep one company.

But those ICAEW guys and gals just take the biscuit when it comes to moving time faster than Einstein had suggested possible.

According to the schedule for the 125th birthday annual ICAEW conference, Ernst & Young partner Peter Forbes is going to take us through the history of the profession…..but has only been scheduled for a 10 minute slot. That’s quite a challenge at less than a minute a decade.

Surely a bit of background info on Enron, or the formation of the IASB could make ten minutes disappear quicker than you can say Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies?

There are some however, possibly lawyers, who would suggest that ten minutes chatting about the last 125 years of accountancy would actually feel like a lifetime.

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