Getting in the ‘zone’

When TS arrives at its paper-strewn desk every morning and starts attempting to locate the keyboard, it sometimes wishes it was more like accountants, whose attention to detail ­ everything in its place, and a place for everything ­ is the hallmark of the profession.

But did PKF need to extend this obsessive streak to its recent media party? At last week’s drinks at Guildhall, where the great and the good of the mid-tier firm and its clients were mingling, each different area of the business was sectioned off into colour-coded zones. The taxmen were not allowed to stray into the corporate finance area, the consultants into the business recovery zone and so on.

The arrangement did make it easier for a slightly inebriated TS to locate the relevant people, but we suspect that even the lushest ligger may have had trouble getting this party started.

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