The home of frosty knickers

TS stumbled across something quite remarkable the other day. Some of you may have heard of accountant Ken Frost, who has attracted a certain notoriety in opposing the ICAEW’s merger with CIPFA and CIMA. But his work does not end there.

Apart from his stopthemerger website, Ken also has a personal site, (‘The Living Brand’), which has to be seen to be believed.

From rants about Croydon council to delightful apercus on love and life, Ken’s site is truly hypnotising. TS was, though, disturbed to come across ‘The Emporium,’ which sells branded ‘Ken Frost’ clothing.

Not only can you get Ken Frost T-shirts, caps and baby grows, you can also get a themed thong, complete with Ken’s catchphrase ­ ‘In your face’ ­ and his face emblazoned on the front. Yours, if you can believe it, for just $8.99.

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