It’s just not cricket

Apart from the smell of freshly-cut grass and a dozen gigantic fruit-filled glasses brimming with Pimms, TS loves nothing more in the summer than the sound of leather against willow and the sight of 11 men in white jumpers waiting for two other men to depart a large rope-enclosed field. Some people even pay to watch the sport of cricket, while a lucky few attend corporate hospitality areas.

So TS was shocked to hear last week that KPMG’s corporate box overlooking a charity match in aid of the Tsunami appeal at Lords was empty. Meanwhile a poor, solitary member of Ernst & Young’s press team was left to, not only take a day off from his holiday quota to watch the match, but also to pay for his own ticket!

TS understands Big Four comrades can only go so far, but the next time KPMG bails out of watching the cricket, we’d happily be the twelfth person for the day.

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