Royal appointment at KPMG?

Wills KPMG hearts are all a flutter. Any young lady from the Big Four firm reading The Times today will have noted that there are rumours Prince Wills could soon be photocopying and fetching the tea at the Big Four firm, as part of his work experience package over the Summer.

Wills’ ‘City’ work experience has aroused the most interest of his new projects; the others are the usual schlock charity work type engagements. But Wills has insisted on the City as he thinks it could help him with charity fundraising.

TS is not quite sure how that works, but it is worth pointing out that some scurrilous rumour-mongers are suggesting KPMG could be where he learns those new tricks. The reason being the Sir Michael Peat connection. Peat’s firm has now become the P in KPMG while Sir Michael is currently private secretary to Prince Charles.

Other suggestions are Barclays private bank, where Wills’ uncle, Lord Fellowes, is chairman, or Coutts, where mummy keeps her cash. Feisty young ladies at KPMG, hoping to oust Kate Middleton as Wills’ new lady, will hope those suggestions are just intended to mislead the paparazzi.

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