Scouse backlash at Colin jibe

Dear me, what ever happened to the famous scouse sense of humour? Or perhaps that’s just another false stereotype that TS shouldn’t promote.

Either way some of you out there didn’t take too kindly to Colin’s reference to the late payment poetry that might be used in Liverpool.

Here’s a letter we received from Andrew Allen, a management accountant at Becker Industrial Coatings in, surprise, surprise, Liverpool.

‘Whilst reading this months edition of Accountancy age I was not only surprised but also appalled by the cartoon on the back page which was part of the Taking Stock section.

There was absolutely no need to specifically include Liverpool within the context of the joke which alluded to there being a more violent culture within the city as opposed to the country as a whole.

The only explanation that comes to mind is that you may be referring to a previous factual story included within your magazine that I have not read.

Nevertheless it’s use within a cartoon is more in keeping with a publication like the Sun rather than a publication such as yours aimed at professionals.

With Liverpool being the Capital of Culture in 2008 there are many aspects of the city to applaud, enjoy and advertise yet there are those who still wish to try and put the city down. However, for those who have visited the city, they will know it’s true splendour.’

Here’s another from Tom Carroll, also a Merseyside accountant.

‘May I congratulate you on your outstanding entry into the "Boris Johnson Tact and Diplomacy Awards 2005". It does justice to the great man  himself, and is sure to add to the list of awards heaped on your publication.

I’m not going to get up on a high horse as we Scousers can take a joke. I’m not cancelling my subscription to AA as I like the publication and find it useful. However, I wonder if, on reflection, the ‘author’ of the strip from which the acclaimed artist and erstwhile busker Damon Gough drew inspiration for his stage name would agree that perhaps he could have been a little more original when looking for a stereotype.

Come on guys. Shell suits and Kevin Keegan wigs aren’t seen much these days on the streets of the 2008 European Capital of Culture. Come and visit us some time. You’ll be surprised. But then again, maybe it’s just because Colin is a closet Chelsea supporter. Never mind, Col. Maybe next year, eh?’

You can see Colin’s comments here if you want to make up your own mind.

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