More scouse madness (and by that we mean anger)

Letters have been flying in over Colin’s apparent faux pas of mentioning Liverpool in his strip.

Gareth Edwards says ‘ Sad to see that Taking Stock has been attending the Boris Johnson school of Geography and Typecasting!’

Meanwhile a slightly more irate M.A. Harrington really has something to get off his chest:

‘I am writing in order to complain most vociferously at the Colin Cartoon in Taking Stock on 30th June.

Accountancy Age has always, in some quarters, had the reputation of being "The Sun" of the accountancy press. I now know this to be true.

You are totally unfair, living in a past age, and out of touch with reality in mentioning Liverpool in the Colin Cartoon. It is common knowledge nationwide that Nottingham is the gun capital of mainland UK where the police have routinely for several years carried firearms in the normal course of their duties. Manchester Moss Side comes after Nottingham.

Your cartoon and the comment is typical of people who live "south of Watford", but who sadly and unfortunately for the rest of the country dominate the media. I feel sorry for such people. Come up North and see what life is really like!

I have sent a copy of the cartoon with my comments to my M.P., Radio Merseyside and the Press Complaints Council.’

TS would suggest that when writing to complain about inappropriate stereotypes, you probably shouldn’t use phrases like ‘the comment is typical of people who live "south of Watford"’, but we won’t, as we don’t want to inflame the situation any further.

It seems the only person who has been silent on this so far has been the cartoon man himself. Colin, TS challenges you to explain yourself.

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