Bunn leaves currant affairs


So farewell then, Jon Bunn, head of media relations at PwC, and one-time head choirboy of this parish (Bunn was news editor on Accountancy Age in a past life).

Jon is off to Prudential, where he hopes actuaries may be more interesting to deal with than accountants.

Bunn always had a complicated relationship with TS, having a variety of nicknames depending on his mood: The Currant Bunn when he was being sweet and nice or Hot Cross Bunn when he got himself into a furious stink about the odd back-page yarn.

Bunn had a positive, go get-em style at PwC ­ like all good rugby players, he went in tackle first.

But TS shall most treasure his dieting advice, proffered at his leaving drinks: ‘Just have two pints a night instead of three, mate ­ you’ll see the weight fall off.’

No doubt, Jon, no doubt.

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