Rover bid turns to Ashes

David_james_considers_a_move_to_longbrid David James is back in the news again. The man made famous for his exploits bringing companies back from the dead, and for his calamitous goalkeeping, has been trying to buy, alternately, all of, or part of, MG Rover.

But when speaking to TS recently James seemed to be getting a little impatient with the whole business. He complained bitterly that so far the whole sorry episode with Rover had taken up four weeks of his time and well and truly diverted his attention away myriad other projects he had on the go. TS couldn’t help but sympathise, some days it’s just all go. You never know what to do next – get the tea, or pop out to the post office.

James, being the thoroughly determined type that he is, has made up his mind that there were certain things that even MG Rover and its PwC administrators could wait for. ‘Come what may, I shall be at the first test at Lords on Thursday,’ he emphatically declared. Everyone needs a break after all. 

England better perform well against the Aussies, though, or there could be a couple of British institutions going down the swanny.

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