FDs in time for a change


Although TS likes doing its job, sometimes, given the choice, we would probably prefer another role, like working in quality control at a Guinness factory. And it looks like a fair few FDs are also considering totally new roles, if a recent meeting E&Y’s office is anything to go by.

A fraught-filled three hours of presentations regarding the very thorny topic of the OFR, presented by E&Y and software bods Geac, led one FD to scream out: ‘time to get a new job!’

The proclamation came at a particular point in the presentation, when E&Y all-round clever chap Will Rainey presented a couple of slides jampacked with questions that FDs should ask themselves when dealing with the OFR.

It was obviously all technical stuff, so TS didn’t understand much of it. But, given the sweat-soaked and pallid-looking faces in the audience, it seemed most knew too well what lies ahead for them in the very near future……a heck of a lot more compliance work!

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