Time travelling accountants

FoxTS has wanted to time travel ever since seeing ‘Back to the Future’, if only to stop Michael J Fox being credited with writing Johnny B Goode. But for 200 lucky accountants from overseas, that experience could come true, well nearly.

Delegates from Eura Audit International are converging on North Yorkshire for a five-day conference. Part of the jolly, sorry, important business event inevitably includes a trip to the Jorvik centre in York, where visitors are transported back in history to experience a typical York street during Viking times. The centre recreates the sights, sounds and, infamously, smells of the day, including a rather nasty smell of pee.

TS has always wondered why this particular feature has been necessary, as any visitor to York city centre on a Friday night, or any other British town come to think of it, will recognise the smell immediately. Perhaps our 200 accounting chums would much prefer a night on the tiles anyway.

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