Sex doesn’t have to be taxing

TS remembers its teenage days like they were yesterday. Its acne-infested face, school-boy fumbles in the back row of the Ritzy and embarrassing attempts to buy a packet of three from the chemist, which inevitably resulted in purchases of toothpaste and cough mixture instead.

Bearing this in mind, TS was delighted to hear that high street chemist Superdrug had gathered 15,000 names on a petition demanding an end to the 17.5% VAT on condoms, loosely known as the ‘sex tax’.

The woman in charge of the petition at the company, one ­ wait for it ­ Liz Love, claims that around £7m is spent on condoms every year and that our little latex chums should not be classed as luxury goods, but instead labelled an ‘essential item’.

TS is a firm supporter of the petition. Not only would it encourage safe sex, it would also save teenage boys at least some money while needlessly spending vast amounts on cotton buds, disposable cameras and spot cream.

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