Jennie makes a Sharp move

Jenny_dawson1_2After WorldCom, Enron and Parmalat TS has accepted that sometimes accountants are going to fall on the wrong side of the law.

It would appear that this realisation has also dawned on the good people at recruitment agency Sharp Consultancy, who have employed a former probation officer as their star accounting recruiter.

Apparently Jennie Dawson (pictured) decided that it was a good idea to quit her job as a probation officer and move into recruitment.

‘Although it may seem like a dramatic change in direction, I have actually found a number of skills learned in my role as a probation officer that have come in useful in my new position at Sharp Consultancy,’ Jennie explained.

After the behaviour of Bernie Ebbers and company, TS has no doubt that she crossed paths with some accountant types as a probation officer before she decided to start recruiting them.

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