Long John Connolly’s lolly

It’s August and TS is getting ready for its ‘fun’ office day out.

Ideas thrown into the TS trilby last week included sitting in a beer garden while blindfolded filling out self-assessment forms; pin the fraud on the finance director; and pass the Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls parcel while listening to a re-mix of Christopher Cox’s inaugural speech as chairman of the SEC.

All of these were of course great suggestions but TS is most likely to follow the lead of the Deloitte press office who, armed with clues and several spades, went on an office treasure hunt last week.

TS is sure they didn’t have to go too far to sniff out the lolly, probably just down the hall, as Deloitte chief executive John Connolly announced last week that his annual salary had risen by an astonishing £800,000 to £3.6m. Perhaps TS should suggest we have a joint summer day-out next year?

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