Never mind the balance sheet…

Punks Punk and accountants. An unusual combo in these modern times, TS dares to suggest, although we hear mythical stories of partners with Mohicans back in 1976.

But now we have got wind of one woman who has managed to straddle both ‘professions’ ably.

Helen Stafford, of Norfolk firm Sexty & Co, recently won a regional award for her bookkeeping skills, but has gained just as much notoriety for her extra-curricular activities. Helen may deal with accounts production and tax compliance by day, but come the night she plays bass guitar in all-girl ‘pop-punk’ combo Compact Pussycat.

‘I sometimes have to turn up at gigs wearing my business suit and then get changed into my stage gear,’ Helen admitted to local news website EDP24: ‘Someone once fell off their stool when I told them I was an accountant.’

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